The approach starts with the A.I.-Readiness Check-up where we charge a flat rate. After the first step the POC will take place where we usually also have a flat rate or an upper limit. The pilot project is customer tailored and calculated on the basis of the POC results. All the projects and customers are unique, therefore,  the approach may differ from the proposed above and below. Nonetheless, the following should give a general overview of our process.

Step 1: Readiness Check-up
This will take usually 2-5 days plus back-office time. The first step is to ensure and validate the potential value of an A.I. implementation in a department or a company. To get a good idea of the potential, the processes concerned and the available data must be verified. Based on these results, first estimations on a return of investment should be possible.

... Get the big picture on a potential initiative
... Verify available data
... Understand processes and dependencies
... Evaluate first ROI estimations

... Readiness Report
... Proposed Tasks for POC
... Identified steak-holders and business units
... POC time-table, responsibilities and staff
... Identified set of data for a POC
... Expected POC results and measurements

Step 2: Proof of concept
This will take usually 5-10 days plus back-office time. In the proof of concept the defined set of data is imported into BrainDocs™ A.I., a topic structure is developed and the individual topics are trained. Based on the topics, patterns are recognized in the set of data. The results are verified and will be further developed in a second phase. A first dashboard gives ideas about possible future dashboards.

... Import data into BrainDocs™ A.I.
... Recognition of content patterns
... Data analysis
... Dashboard evaluation/development

... POC-Report
... Set of developed topics
... Analysis of the set of data
... First dashboard visualizations
... Review of ROI prediction
... Recommendations for pilot project

Step 3: Pilot Project
This will take: "normal" 2-3 Weeks; "complex" 3-6 Weeks plus back-office time. Following the POC,a pilot project shall be in place. The data centric approach very often leads to changes in various areas. In the first two steps, hard and soft facts are validated and the best method for complexity change is developed. With the pilot project, we measure the impact, the features and benefits.

... Quality facts
... Soft factors
... Cultural readiness
... Ability to change
... Complexity assessment

... Pilot report
... Recommendations for implementation
... ROI calculations- / confirmations
... Organizational recommendations                        Impressum (Data Privacy)

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