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A.I. Powered Equity Research

Boulder Equity Analytics are domain experts with proprietary A.I. technology, applications, and data sources. They  provide investment analysts and firm CIO/IT with services, software and analytics to increase productivity, speed, savings and insight. BEA’s analytics services are for senior analysts, equity investors, industry researchers and executives who need to stay current on the top companies in their sector.

Boulder Equity Analytics

NASA Research Support

ACO created 45 intelligent software agents to represent various avionics system designs. This was done not through programming, but by providing each agent a few paragraphs describing each avionic system. The 10,000 paragraphs were then evaluated by each agent and scored on how well the wireless sensor paragraphs matched the capabilities described by the avionics system. That amounts to 450,000 assessments.

Journey to Mars
Research & Technology 
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Information Analysis

The truth, relevant or irrelevant? Today's decisions about what is important for me and for my business gets tougher and complicated. It is almost impossible  to believe in articles and images from news sources. 25-35% of all news are not written by humans anymore. They are composed by robots and copied from other sources and slightly changed. User need A.I. to support their information management and analysis.

News Analytics

Make the Intrinsic Semantic Visbile
BrainDocs™ understands concepts and ideas in form of free, unstructured text corpus. BrainDocs™ understands the meaning, and sentiment of a text. It extracts the keywords from an article and forms the BrainDocs™ Fingerprint. The smallest possible encryption and storage of a whole text corpus and its meaning. This fingerprint is now used to match and compare other semantic fingerprints quickly, consistently, reliably and accurately.

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