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A.I. - More Than Chat-Bots and Robots

Talking with customers and users asking the question: “What comes into your mind saying A.I.?” The answers often are only: Robots/Robotics and Chat-Robots (Siri, Cortana etc.). Sometimes you also get Automobiles/Autonomic Driving as n answer. But then usually the listing stops. A.I. is much more that the few areas above. If it comes to implementation and generating revenue with A.I. the above is not relevant at all!

A.I. – Inside but, Invisible!

Most of the time, A.I. implementations are not visible and often for users, not even recognizable. Trading robot software is working only  in the background. Users often are not aware or pay no attention to the fact that they deal with a robot-software. Vacuum cleaners at home work with A.I. to setup the vacuum power according to the surface. A.I. matching algorithms optimize the search using Google. Sensors measuring all kinds of information in trains, airplanes, cars, etc. delivering relevant information to the current process. The pure measurement data of the sensors are processed through A.I. to enrich with logic and concepts to help decision-making. There are hundreds of examples like the above, where A.I. is implemented and not visible.

A.I. - Understands Concepts & Ideas

For a long time, A.I. always needed a model to compare and understand the concepts behind semantics. But now there is a break through!

Autonomic understanding of concepts and ideas from plain, unstructured text is the new education of today’s A.I.!

This is the next intelligence level of A.I. Understanding concepts and ideas as basic knowledge to separate relevant and irrelevant information is one of the key functions for A.I. systems to turn into independent and autonomic functioning devises.

The advantage of A.I. understanding concepts and ideas during a process spontaneously and instantly is that it enables A.I. to react on generalized rules. In other words, robots can work according guidelines and basic rules, react to accidentally appearing information and unforeseen situations but still follow the basic rules. The A.I. system just needs to be trained to the basic cases, variations and deviations will be recognized instantly and compared with the basic rules concepts.

BrainDocs™ A.I. - Understands Concepts & Ideas

BrainDocs™ A.I. solves an old problem. How do I decide quickly and efficiently what the relevant information and documents are? To automatically recognize the meaning and content of texts is an essential market advantage. The BrainDocs™ A.I. solution provides effective answers and leads your business into A.I

Walt Diggelmann, March 2017

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