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Ai-readiness - The efficient entry into Artificial Intelligence

Digital Transformation - Content Analytics - Business Intelligence - We are overwhelmed every day by many buzz words, trends and new approaches, which must be taken into consideration. "Where smoke is, is also a fire," says an old proverb. Yes, all of these trends are important and will have a significant impact on our future business models.

But one question is almost never asked: How do I approach these new developments? Am I ever ready to jump on this fast-moving train? What does this mean for the organization?

Over the last few years, Intercai has had many experiences with new technologies, especially in dealing with large, sometimes unstructured data sets and artificial intelligence. Based on these experiences, an approach has been developed by using pattern recognition. In a proof of concept, the ai-readiness of a use case or a company can be determined pragmatically.

Contrary to the approaches which some large companies have conducted over the past few years, we abstain from detailed analyzes and concepts. Together with business professionals we determine suitable use cases and redesign those in a proof of concept, which normally takes 8 to 10 weeks. The iterative PoC approch deliveres concrete results and all needed bases for future decisions.

AI-readiness has several objectives. The most obvious, of course, is to find the most efficient and easiest way to simplify, optimize and improve daily business with the aid of artificial intelligence. Equally important, however, is to learn how far these changes influence the way of thinking and acting within the company.

The core of AI-readiness is the implementation of a first use case. It has been shown that all companies have many ideas for such use cases. Never has the question been asked what might we do, but much more is discussed, which idea is best suited for an AI-readiness.

Together, a use case is selected, the today’s processes are analysed and all existing data will be determined. With the aid of BrainDocs, an AI platform which automatically recognize the meaning and content of any kind of input (on binary level), all patterns can be created and compared, based on so-called fingerprints. The results are visualized in dashboards and discussed with the users. Concrete options to integrate the results into workflows are discussed.

AI-readiness is neither a complete concept for the future nor ,one more concept'. It is the first step towards the digital age, which pragmatically uses the existing resources and brings them in new context. It opens up new perspectives and possibilities for all involved professionals.

Martin Kopp, February 2017 

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