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Idea DEVELOPMENT With The DEPARTMENT of Education Development and Technology at ETHZ

Knowing exactly why you learn something and seeing a clear path through the course of your studies, this is a student's dream come true. Everyone can remember having a moment of crisis and wondering "why do I have to know this?!" There is an idea for a project at ETH, which would be able to answer precisely these questions. Dr. Benno Volk from the department of Education Development and Technology (LET) is working with André Reggio, a physics master student, on developing an application to map the knowledge and the interdisciplinarity of the different lectures, courses and departments at ETHZ.

CLAIRE, as the application will be called, will be able to show students the opportunities they have once they have mastered a certain skill or theory, as well as show them what they need to still learn in order to reach a specific goal. This way, students can see why they are learning certain topics at the given time. The non negligible contribution of CLAIRE in student’s academic orientation therefore hides another challenge: a deep understanding of course content. Indeed, CLAIRE aims to provide an efficient environment that will help to tackle the “memorize information, take a test on it, and forgot everything” issue."

In order for this project to succeed the application needs to understand the content, and all the concepts involved from many different textual sources, like websites, lecture descriptions, scripts and databases. Here BrainDocs will help develop a clear project idea and provide the necessary know how once the project is ready to be kicked off!

Read more about the Department of Education Development and Technology here.

February, 2017

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