Recognize Relevance

BrainDocs™ A.I. solves an old problem. How do I decide quickly and efficiently what the relevant information and documents are? To automatically recognize the meaning and content of texts is an essential market advantage. Our solution provides effective answers and leads your business into A.I.

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BrainDocs™ A.I. Fingerprint

BrainDocs™ A.I. fingerprint is the smallest possible semantic encryption and storage of a whole text paragraph, sentence, tweet etc. and its meaning. BrainDocs™ A.I.  understands language concepts and ideas.

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AI-Readiness - The efficient entry into Artificial Intelligence

Digital Transformation - Content Analytics - Business Intelligence - We are overwhelmed every day by many buzz words, trends and new approaches, which must be taken into consideration. "Where smoke is, is also a fire," says an old proverb. Yes, all of these trends are important and will have a significant impact on our future business models.

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A.I. and creativity

Sebastian Thrun: "There are over one million road deaths a year because drivers behave irresponsibly or carelessly".

>>> "At some point the technology is so good that it would be unethical to leave a person behind the steering wheel."

>>> "Just because something new is created, the old doesn't have to suffer."                         Impressum (Data Privacy)

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